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An appeal from Mark Lewisohn

Research for The Beatles: All These Years

Can you help?

I'm looking for information

I’ve already uncovered a good few tons of great material to explore and explain the history of the Beatles, but no one can ever say they’ve seen everything. There’s plenty more out there – in private collections, libraries, archives, attics, everywhere – that could enable this extraordinary story to be more accurately told and understood.

If you have, or know of, anything that could possibly shed new light on any element of the Beatles’ history – and that includes the great many associated areas and topics – please tell me about it in the box below.

Free the mind. There’s absolutely no limit to what these things can be – photos, films, recordings, anything at all. Documents are my main priority. Scans, photocopies or photos should be enough to convey the content – you needn’t part with anything of value.

I’ll be pleased to acknowledge in print the provider of any information used in the book (unless people request anonymity).


I'm looking for witnesses

If you were a first-hand witness to any part of the Beatles years – up to, say, 1980 – or know someone who was, I’d like to hear about it, and might want to include that story in one of these books. Again, please tell me about it in the box below.


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